Engaging White Papers, Reports & Blogs

Supporting your customer value proposition with insight.

  • We write white papers and articles from research, using narrative (story) techniques to communicate business ideas and practices.  When business is brought alive with the human story behind it, or expression draws on archetypes, people remember the ideas you are trying to put across much better.  Our aim is to break away from the stiff, jargon ridden writing so prevalent today and write something fresh and creative.  Our white papers and articles are excellent sales and public relations collateral for your company. We can also turn research output into podcasts and webinars, or we can write a weekly blog based on interesting nuggets of information you want staff to know about your market.  Please ask us for a copy of our white paper package.

  • Podcasts
    We have researched and written several white papers for software companies on CRM issues - these always include primary research to obtain tailored insights for the company. Some have been turned into podcasts, and all have been well received and generated new business.
  • Ghost Writing
    We have ghost written a series of articles for a client who wanted to build a thought-leadership reputation in marketing. In these cases we like to interview the potential author to get their tone of voice, personality and ideas into the article.
  • Commissions
    We have been commissioned to write a number of chapters for books and journals on marketing. We can switch styles from the academic, to the basic.