Customer Content Curation

Building your customer service from relevant digital content.


Case Study
As consulting editor for, formerly the Customer Management Community and BT’s InsightEx, we have a lot of experience in thought leadership customer curation. In collating and showcasing ideas and comment on CRM over more than seven years we have seen and experimented with a lot of techniques – we know what works, and, more importantly, what doesn’t. MyCustomer.Com

Filtering the ‘noise’ of communications, and helping customer achieve their goals are important Parajumpers Kodiak Jakke customer services in the social business. So thought leading brands, business to business or business to consumer are setting out to do just that with content curation – setting themselves up as ‘thought leaders’ on a specific topic, and setting out to be the place that the ‘tribes’ interested in that topic

go for information. Take outdoor clothing company Patagonia and their position on environmentalism, or Toast with their online Toast Travels, or Waitrose and their Weekend paper. As a thought leader, it is the job of the content curator to continuously find, organize, showcase and involve people in their topic: a service to their external customers, or indeed, their internal customers. It is the showcasing with commentary and insight that lifts content curation into a multi-channel service and

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differentiates it from a news or recommendation feed. It is the focus on topic and involvement that differentiates content curation from an old style corporate magazine.visit it With our experience in, action research, being thought leaders in customer relationships, and editing specialist on content ‘portals’, we can help you trial this ‘customer service’, in order to engage with the people you want to be part of your business.