Customer Insight & Thinking Skills

Harnessing the Power of Story – Customers make their experiences real, for themselves and others, through stories. ‘Word of mouth’ swirls around our lives, shaping our reality as we talk. We story the world into existence. Those in the know use stories to advantage, for the rest – we are tossed in its flows and eddies

The Voice of the Customer – Customer feedback improves product design and enables six sigma projects. Feedback is the petrol driving ‘sense and respond’ organization. But what is feedback, how do you get hold of it and, crucially, how do you refine it into an asset.

Forget Leaders, We Need Inspiration – Once upon a time big organizations used brand and advertising to present a trusted face to consumers, as they replaced, local businesses. Today, we have relationship marketing and corporate social responsibility to do the same job. But if these ideas are to transform the heart of our businesses we are going to have to change the way we think – not an easy task.

Systems Thinking – As the global context for business continues to undergo seismic shifts, we explore how Systems Thinking can help us to develop enduring strategic solutions.