How we help customer engagement

Upgrading marketing skills is aCrocecostaafv continuous process or learning and trial. First comes cross functional alignment on ‘market thinking’, then the evolution of new company business practices and marketing techniques, Vintage prom dresses through connect and develop (C&D rather than R&D). There are many steps on the way. Mutual Marketing can help at a variety of stages of this process; we create the knowledge you can learn from and inspire market thinking across the company. Here are some

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  • A company event where you invite external expert speakers – we can run a 1 hour interactive session on the customer relationship topic of choice,Robe de bal noire to get participants working together and to drive home the learning.
  • We can design a one day planning/strategic workshop for you to ensure you come out with an agreed action plan at the end of the session.
  • You want your call centre Blue Evening Dresses staff to understand more about marketing, so that they can bring the ‘voice of the customer’ to the marketing or other relevant department. We will design and run a tailored training session to achieve your objectives and greater internal collaboration.
  • You want to explore the ramifications of a CSR issue on your customer value proposition – we can create a workshop for your staff that makes sure they all input ideas into the ‘pot’, and a more innovative approach can be created.
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  • Product development is time consuming, you never really know what customers want – we can create and support the running of a customer community to help you develop products and services on an ongoing basis.
  • You want to consult with the local community about developing an old building into a new office or renovating a patch of land into a sponsored community garden – we can design and run a research and consultation programme.
  • Your customer programme is being blocked by staff scepticism – we can run a training and coaching programme to ensure staff understand its importance and feel involved in the outcome.
  • Are you swamped by customer feedback and research, but have very little insight? We can pull it all together to create a customer story for you, along with a future effective research plan that produces more insight for less budget.
  • You are meeting with an important new client in 3 days, you need to understand their market, their position in it and how you can help them specifically – we can research and write you a briefing report, together with suggestions for how to position you company with the client.
  • Your client user groups are getting stale – we can turn them into informative co-creative groups, that clients view as an added value service.

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