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Mutual Marketing is a mutual organization, we blend our cross-functional business research and skills into unified business practices and training that help our clients. Cisco 350-001 exam

Jennifer KirkbyJennifer Kirkby specialises in customer insight, and emerging social business practices including sales through service, using narrative in cultural change, and customer communities. She is well known as a leading analyst in customer relationship practices, advising and training Fortune 500 companies, as well as lecturing and tutoring at the universities Bridesmaid Dresses of Leeds, Lancaster, Southampton and De Montfort. She has spent a number of years as the Consulting Editor for MyCustomer, and as an international advisor for Greater China CRM: as well as being CRM Research Director for Gartner. During her years as a business analyst she has written numerous articles, papers and book chapters, – including the IDM Marketing Guide – all based on her original research.
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Annette Ashton RedlinAnnette Ashton-Redlin specialises in marketing research, customer insight, and consumer psychology and motivation. She is a very well regarded international marketing research director who has run a number of ground breaking studies to guide business strategy for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, The International Wool Secretariat and UK Financial Organizations. Educated at the University of St Andrews, she has a wealth of experience supporting community organizations, and independent schools.

David FirthDavid Firth specialises in organizational change, stakeholder engagement and using narrative in cultural change. He has enormous experience with international companies in solving complex, intractable problems where previous interventions have brought limited or temporary progress, and in difficult relationships. He is a leading speaker on progressive organizational development, Cocktail Dresses and has written 8 business books on the subject including ‘Corporate Voodoo’ and ‘Smart Things to Know about Change’. His new book, ‘Human 2.0: The Upgrade is Available’, is out in 2008. Educated at Oxford University he has run his own consultancy for many years, after a period of being an International Theatre Director.


ImpartaImpartaMutual Marketing partner with global training provider Imparta Ltd to produce and deliver their academy training course in customer insight, marketing research, and analytical thinking, using Imparta’s tried and tested blended learning. Imparta was founded by Richard Barkey in 1997 to deliver business results and capabilities through sales and marketing training, rather than just focus on tick box training events.

RoundRound Mutual Marketing uses Round’s CC Director to help train clients on gauging and building their customer relationship capabilities. CC Director is a very effective capability measurement tool that has been built on extensive empirical research into customer relationship good practice.

Michael StarkeyMichael Starkeyis one of the UK’s most well regarded, lecturers and teachers in Customer Relationship Management and has co-authored books and written extensively on the subject for a number of years. He also has extensive practical experience, having worked in the food industry and precision engineering before joining De Montfort University as a principal lecturer. He now concentrates on training and consulting in CRM.

Alison Zakers.jpgAlison Zakers specialises in business design, systems thinking, customer service and operationalising customer experience. She is a highly creative business analyst who has designed successful operations for many international companies. She has extensive training and executive coaching experience, authors many educational pieces, researches the use of thinking methods in business, and runs an art community. She was previously a consultant with Accenture and has an MBA from Cranfield.